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Let's Get Reel

Nick has been called the "swiss army knife" of television. With decades of experience in all facets of video creation Nick is a creative asset on any production whether in front of the camera or behind it. Take a look at some of his reels.

National Reel

Nick's national commercial and broadcast work is like a superhero movie, but with less spandex and more product placement. He's got a creative vision that could make a potato look exciting, and an attention to detail that would make your grandma proud. If you want your brand to be remembered, Nick's your guy.


Spokesperson Reel

I can elevate your product or service with my storytelling expertise.  I specialize in transforming mere bullet points about your 'thingamajig' into captivating, entertaining videos that not only tell a story but also drive sales.

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Nick has been in broadcast and video production for 30 years which has earned him extensive experience in front of and behind the camera. Check out how it started and see clips from his 11 year run as host of the nationally syndicated tv show RightThisMinute.

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